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The IoSCM Level 7 Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership Strategy was designed to offer strategic leaders and directors the realistic, industry-specific knowledge and skills required to translate organisational strategy into effective performance. The IoSCM Extended Diploma in Management gives you the specific skills that are relevant to the sector you’re working in.

With the IoSCM Level 7 Extended Diploma, you will study mandatory, management-focused units that will enable the learner to demonstrate an advanced understanding of the strategic principles in order to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate a broad range of viewpoints and theories and the reasoning behind them.

You can then choose from a selection of optional industry specific units, so that whether you’re a senior leader in manufacturing, purchasing or ports and shipping, the IoSCM management qualifications allow you to fully customise your distance learning course to meet your professional needs.

The Institute of Supply Chain Management offers every student much more than just a qualification; they provide the opportunity to grow, learn and progress as a professional. The institute sets the standard across the wider supply chain for high quality training and development, guaranteeing your qualification is highly sought after by employees and businesses internationally.

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Course content

To successfully achieve the IoSCM Level 7 Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership Strategy you will be required to complete one core unit and five optional units, providing you with comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of strategic leadership.


Strategic Management Principles – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Evaluate research philosophies and their relevance to business research
  • Understand the suitability of planning tools and models used in the creation of project reports
  • Analyse the individual components of a project report

Strategic Business Planning – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Understand the development of a strategic business plan in line with strategic objectives
  • Evaluate the potential risks that relate to the achievement of objectives when developing a strategic business plan in supply chain operations
  • Understand the business benefits of changing and improving supply chain relationships

Leadership and Enterprise – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Analyse the impact of management and leadership styles on staff in organisations
  • Understand the relationship between leadership style and leadership behaviour
  • Evaluate leadership skills required for different roles within organisations
  • Analyse enterprise culture and the characteristics of different entrepreneurs


Global Procurement in Supply Chain  – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Analyse the fit of an organisation’s procurement strategy with the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Understand the effectiveness of the requirements within the procurement strategy of an organisation for obtaining the best value
  • Analyse the procurement methods and tendering processes employed by an organisation

Manufacturing and Production – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Understand the factors involved making products
  • Understand the types of process involved within production
  • Understand Risk Management Strategy

Corporate Finance – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Understand the role of corporate finance in relation to the fulfilment of business objectives including mergers and acquisitions
  • Understand how to evaluate investment decisions using a variety of appraisal techniques
  • Analyse the different elements of treasury and working capital and determine the possible effects on business

Quality Management  – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Understand the benefits and the impact on business of operating a quality management system
  • Analyse the application of Total Quality Management
  • Evaluate the operation process of managing quality in a business

Entrepreneurship in Business – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Understand how entrepreneurship can be encouraged within organisations
  • Evaluate methods for exploring opportunities and generating business ideas
  • Understand how to plan a strategy for a viable entrepreneurial business idea

Change Management  – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Evaluate the factors that drive the need for change in organisations
  • Evaluate the relevance of change management models in meeting business needs
  • Analyse methods of the implementation of change within an organisation

Principles of Marketing – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Understand the principles and concepts of marketing
  • Evaluate the need for an organisation to develop a marketing strategy
  • Analyse an organisations ability to maintain a competitive advantage

Logistics and Transport – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Understand the logistics and marketing interface
  • Understand costs and performance within logistics
  • Understand the concept of lead time
  • Understand transport planning in relation to economic development
  • Understand the impact of traffic

Ports and Shipping – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Understand maritime operations in a business context
  • Understand the planning process for maritime operations
  • Understand maritime resource management
  • Understand maritime law

Import and Export  – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Understand the key elements of export strategies
  • Understand the key elements of import strategies
  • Understand the role of third party intermediaries

Strategic Warehousing and Inventory Management – 10 Unit Credit Values

  • Understand the requirements of warehouse design
  • Understand the organisational requirements, structure and management of a warehouse workforce
  • Understand the key regulations of your own country relating to the management of a warehouse
  • Understand the key benefits of 3PL and 4PL within the organisational structure of a warehouse

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IoSCM recognise that many individuals do not do well in an exam environment, that’s why they have created the most flexible distance learning courses on the market. Students can chose to study and prepare assignments, use their professional experiences, submit approved prior learning or chose a combination of methods to achieve their Professional IoSCM Qualification without worrying about taking exams to complete the course.

As the leading provider of supply chain qualifications, IoSCM provide units of study covering all aspects of supply chain management. Recognising the need for Professional training in every sector of the Supply Chain, IoSCM have been designed to enable students to tailor their areas of study to support their individual development needs. Our expert Course Advisors are here to help you chose which IoSCM course is right for you and to assist you with selecting the perfect units of study to support your development goals.

Post nominals are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding in your chosen field of study, IoSCM students can begin to use their Professional student post nominals when they commence their training. Upon completion of your course, you can choose to upgrade your post nominals to reflect your professional standing and achievements.

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