Striving to help employers improve their talent acquisition in the workplace and help employees further their careers, our range of DLC Training resources offers insight and advice on key topics such as business improvements, benefits of further education and qualification levels.

Autism Awareness

A range of ideas to help raise awareness of autism in the workplace

Business Improvements

A range of ideas to help you grow, develop and maintain your business

Your Learning Journey

A timeline from choosing a course to gaining a qualification

Develop Your Career

Making a career change, or looking to move to the next step on your “Career Ladder”?

Qualification Levels

Download this comparison and learn what qualification levels mean

Amazon Career Choice

Do you work for Amazon and want to use a tuition voucher to enrol? Click here find out how

Benefits to Business

Remote learning is an option for many wishing to gain a qualification in their field

Performance Reviews

Perhaps its time to review your performance review process, here’s our guide to inspire you

Improving Organisational Performance

This guide takes a look into the several ways that Learning and Development can improve organisational performance…

A DLC Training Guide To Employee Engagement

This latest “DLC Training Guide To” PDF takes a deep dive into different forms of Employee Engagement…

A DLC Training Guide To Focus Techniques

This latest PDF explains the different focus techniques and helps you understand which is right for you…

Our DLC Training blog is full of further advice, information and research into important topics for improving businesses and workers as well as top tips on approaching studying flexibly around a career.