AAT Student Success

//AAT Student Success

AAT Student Success

Our AAT Students are showing us how its done with outstanding exam results!


AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is the UK’s leading professional body in finance and accounting qualification. With over 125,000 members worldwide, the AAT qualifications are internationally recognised and respected by employers.

Did you know, one in twelve accountants start off their career journey by enrolling on an online course in accounting?

We offer a range of levels and accountancy courses in AAT Bookkeeping, AAT Accounting and AAT Computerised Accounting, all of which you can study at your own pace, in your own time and from any location you chose. Our flexible AAT course’s come with a unrivalled support package that’s delivered by Industry Experts to make sure that we can support our students from their initial enquiry, throughout their learning journey and right the way through to the completion of their studies and celebrating their newly qualified status.

AAT use exam based assessments to ensure students have a really good understanding of the subjects they are studying. We are always delighted to be able to see our students hard work and dedication paying off  in the form of great exam results, when we received the latest batch we could not wait to share them.

Here are some of our students recent results;

Mariana Bento – Using Accounting Software (FDAB2016) 75%
Mariana Bento – Business Communications, Personal and Learning Skills (FDAB2016) 89%
Katie Day – Bookkeeping Controls (AQ2016) 97%
Caroline Gill –  Foundation Synoptic assessment (AQ2016) 87%
David Patterson – Final Accounts Preparation (AQ2016) 93%
Ruth Reed – Using Accounting Software (FDAB2016) 99%
Ruth Reed – Business Communications, Personal and Learning Skills (FDAB2016) 95%
Wendy Russell –  Foundation Synoptic assessment (AQ2016) 87%
Lisa Brightwell – Business Communications, Personal and Learning Skills (FDAB2016) 91%
Maria Guarnido – Using Accounting Software (AQ2016) 96%
Natasha Massey – Using Accounting Software (AQ2016) 98%

Definitely results worth shouting about! Congratulations to each and every one of you on these fantastic scores.

Finance is at the heart of every business, so demand for accounting and finance skills will never go away. Jobs in accounting and finance are extremely diverse and offer a long and stable career opportunity. Adding an AAT qualification onto your CV, can provide evidence of industry excellence and work-readiness sought after by employers across all industries.

You can view our full list of AAT qualifications here. For further advise and guidance on which of our courses is right for you why not contact one of our knowledgeable and supportive course advisers on 0800 0126 770 or drop us an email info@dlctraining.co.uk


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