We are eager to announce that DLC Training has been awarded the status of being a Disability Confident Employer. Almost a quarter of the UK’s population is disabled, yet many cannot find work. Disabled individuals have a 29% lower employment rate compared to non-disabled individuals.

Recognising the large employment gap, it is clear that proactive measures are necessary. A staggering one in three disabled individuals feels they encounter prejudice when applying for jobs. Businesses should take essential steps to make their recruitment processes inclusive.

Understanding Disability Confident

Disability Confident is a government initiative designed to foster inclusivity in the workplace. Achieving this highlights a business’s commitment to creating an accessible workplace. To obtain Disability Confident Employer status, businesses must:

  • Put in place a fully-inclusive and accessible recruitment process
  • Offer interviews to disabled candidates who meet the job criteria
  • Expect and provide reasonable adjustments when required
  • Support existing employees with disabilities and health conditions

DLC Training’s Commitment to Inclusivity

DLC Training has been committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity since its start. As an employer we take pride in our non-discriminatory recruitment process. We also offer flexible working schedules and tailored equipment to ensure inclusivity.

With this status, we aim to attract talented people with disabilities to join our team in future.

Benefits of Becoming Disability Confident

As well as addressing the employment gap, becoming Disability Confident also brings significant benefits to the business. When a business is Disability Confident, it widens the talent pool when recruiting. This in turn enhances the likelihood of finding the right candidate.

By having a more diverse workforce, businesses can better understand the needs of customers. They can identify ways to make products and services more inclusive, increasing accessibility. This in turn will help businesses to become more profitable.

Becoming a Disability Confident Employer also demonstrates a business’s commitment to workplace inclusivity. This will have a positive impact on the business by increasing its reputation.

How to Join the Disability Confident Initiative

Organisations interested in becoming Disability Confident Employers can apply online. Detailed information on the application process can be found on the government website.