Here at DLC Training, we work closely with our partners to provide the best training and qualifications possible. This week’s blog is highlighting CIPD, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, which provides a range of qualifications that are incredibly beneficial for anyone working within the HR industry.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is one of the longest-standing professional bodies. The institute was established in 1913 as the Welfare Workers’ Association (WWA). CIPD was initially created to address concerns in working conditions for women in factories across the UK with a total of 34 members. Today, CIPD has a worldwide community of over 160,000 members and is the central reference for human resources and learning and development in the workplace. 

CIPD qualifications cover all things HR 

CIPD is the central reference for all things HR. From recruitment and training to employee relations and company policies – anything, and everything to do with personnel and development is covered with CIPD.

CIPD is recognised globally 

CIPD is recognised as the global standard of excellence. This means that you can utilise your CIPD qualification no matter where you are in the world.

Fully accredited qualifications

CIPD is a chartered institute, this means that any qualifications produced or accredited by CIPD are of the highest standard possible, providing the recipient with professional credibility in the HR industry. 

Highly regarded by employers 

CIPD qualifications are highly regarded by employers, more so than any other qualification in the HR industry. This means that having CIPD on your CV will significantly increase your job prospects. 

Industry resources

When working through a CIPD course, you will also need to obtain student membership to the institute. This membership provides access to the most up-to-date industry news and resources for you to utilise professionally. You’ll also have access to employment law helplines for legal advice. 

Networking opportunities 

CIPD membership also provides the opportunity for HR professionals to network with other CIPD professionals. Networking is very beneficial for like-minded professionals wanting to develop their knowledge of the industry further by gaining other professionals’ perspectives and viewpoints. 


When you have successfully completed a CIPD qualification you will be eligible to obtain a graded CIPD membership. The graded memberships available to apply for include:

Foundation Member

Associate Member

Chartered Member

Chartered Fellow 

The membership you can apply for will depend on the level of qualification completed and your experience within the HR industry. Each membership status has its own designation, which means that every graded member can utilise post-nominals after their name. 

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