//How to make your budget go further this financial year

How to make your budget go further this financial year

It’s April, the start of a new financial year. Most companies will have a fresh budget and be in the midst of making plans on how to spend it over the next 12 months. Some will no doubt be wondering how to best utilise their training quota for the coming year. And because we’re the experts, we’ve put together a few helpful tips to ensure you maximise your share and make your budget go further this financial year.

Prioritising your Training Needs

As we all know, the nature and size of your organisation will dictate your training needs. Simply put, the bigger the organisation, the more training needs it will have. It is important to consider and prioritise the requirements that will bring you the biggest return on investment.

Factors such as:

  • Urgency – Which departments or individuals will benefit most?
  • Performance – Where will training have the greatest impact upon performance, such as quality and efficiency in the workplace?
  • Reducing Risk – Do you require vital training that will reduce risk in the workplace, such as safety and legal requirements?
  • Management – Are your current and future managers feeling undervalued through lack of development?
  • Morale – Do you need to boost productivity, engagement and retention amongst certain employees?

Utilise our Expertise when Budgeting and Planning Training

Managing a year-long budget is a challenge and it’s not always possible to predict when vital training may be required. Often, organisations will choose to allocate a lump sum for ‘emergency training’ however, with the B2B Partnership this isn’t necessary; we can make your budget go further this financial year.

Careful planning is key – it’s surprising just how much time and money is wasted on the wrong kind of training. Using their industry expertise and notable experience in the education and training sector, our B2B team will take the time to fully understand your organisation and its workforce.

The information you provide will be carefully analysed in order to suggest the areas within your business that would
benefit from employee development and make your budget go further.

We’ll propose a bespoke solution and explain the different options for moving forward’ there’s no obligation to commit, but it’s important that you understand the comprehensive range of qualifications and courses as well as the scope of our delivery methods. This is because, regardless of your requirements, we design training programs that suit not only your organisation, but each learner you enrol too.

Meaning less waste and greater success.

The best part is the low-cost. There’s no fee for us helping to stretch your training budget, all the savings you’ll make are yours. In 2017 we saved our clients over 32% per head on employee training.

Can you afford not to?

If your budget is tight, never fully utilised or you simply want to find out more, call us today on 0800 0126 770 for a FREE consultation. 

The B2B Partnership is part of the Network 360 Group. To find out more, download the brochure here. 

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